Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce – Another Great Grilling with Rich BBQ Sauce Review

By: Richard Wachtel
Published: June 1, 2011
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For this week’s Barbecue Sauce review we had a chance to review Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce. We actually tried this barbecue sauce when we added it to our Barbecue Spaghetti. I was quite impressed with the flavor profiles etc. But I will give you my impressions after I give you a little background about Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce.

Cookies Food Products, manufacturer of “the award-winning sauces America loves to eat,” had its start in a small town in Northwest Iowa. L.D. Cook of Wall Lake, Iowa, produced the first batch of Cookies Bar “B””Q” Sauce in his kitchen in 1976. A year later, Speed Herrig, another local Wall Lake resident, took over the sales duties and hit the road selling his outdoor cooking product out of the back of his pickup. His hard work and persistence paid off. In 1984, Herrig bought the company from Cook. At that time the sauce was being bottled in a small building on the edge of town. Today, Cookies products are still produced in Wall Lake, but Herrig and the Cookies crew are housed in a modern 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Grilling with Rich with some Cookies Bar-B-Que Sauce

Impressions: What I liked the most about the Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce was the nice sweet barbecue flavoring that the sauce had which was a great complement to the barbecue spaghehetti and also my barbecue egg omlette that we used this sauce on. The sauce was also  was nice and thick and also it had some great traditional barbecue flavors. After tasting the barbecue sauce I could really picture myself sitting inside a southern barbecue joint having some world class barbecue with Cookies Bar-B-Q sauce smothered right on top of it! It was that good. I would 100% recommend going to their website and buying a bottle or two for that matter. Once again Grilling with Rich was blown away with some great BBQ Sauce!

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