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Cooked To Perfection: Grilling Hints & Tips From The Experts

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: August 13, 2016

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The summer’s here, and we’ll all be grilling plenty of meat and vegetables over the next few weeks. I’ve been searching the web for some of its best tips to help us with our grilling techniques. We’re going to go through some different meats and discover the best ways to get the most out of them. Whether it’s chicken, steak, or vegetables you’re interested in, we’ve got the info for you.

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We’ll start with chicken, and there’s a lot we could cover here. Firstly, we’re going with’s tips about how to get moist and tender results. Firstly, they suggest intense heat for your grill. They suggest that the intense heat that is produced should “force you to snatch your hand away”. It’s also advised that you keep the grill clean and lubricated with vegetable or olive oil.

In terms of the chicken itself, rugs and glazes are suggested to add an extra layer of flavor. You should be doing this around halfway through cooking. Don’t be afraid to use herbs and spices as usual, too. Another interesting cooking technique they talk about is using a brick. This compacts the meat to allow it to cook more evenly. It also helps to prevent drying out and creates more prominent grill marks.

Cooking Light also suggest that using thighs is a better choice than using breast meat. You can find all of these tips as the links we’ve included on here.


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Let’s move onto a common favorite – steak. We’re taking our tips for this one from the Boston Herald of all places. A number of experts have provided the tips for this list. Before we get to the experts, though, let’s start with the basics. Make sure you’re preparing steak carefully to prevent illness. Use sharp knives — an obsidian knife from is a good choice. You don’t want to be messing around with blunt objects when it comes to steak.

So, the tips. Once again, it’s advised to turn up the heat. The steak will stick to the grill if the heat isn’t high enough. You should be flipping the meat, but only if it isn’t sticking to the grill. It’s also suggested that keeping seasonings simple is important. According to the experts, “nothing is better than salt and pepper”.

There are lots of other tips we could mention, too. Apparently, steakhouses use melted butter or melted steak fat to add flavor. Also, it’s important to buy steaks that are used by the professionals. It might cost a little extra, but “devoted steak aficionados often find the price worth it”. It’s also suggested that you buy steaks with plenty of marble fat. This is to prevent them from turning out too tough.

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I tell you what, I’m getting hungry now. Let’s take a look at vegetables. Grilled vegetables are an excellent compliment to the vast amounts of meat you’ll undoubtedly be using. Let’s hop on over to for our next source of expert tips.

Firstly, they suggest that you should be giving all vegetables a light coating of oil. This is because they dry out if you don’t use it. You apparently don’t want to be using too much, though, as it just adds unnecessary calories. It’s important to protect against your vegetables from burning, and that’s easier said than done. This website suggests moving your vegetables to a lower heat to finish cooking after searing them. Take the time to understand the perfect cooking times for each vegetable you’re planning to use, though.

Vegetables don’t always play by the rules. Some roll around on the grill and make it difficult for you to get a good grip on them. That’s why skewers are recommended by Eating Well for many vegetables. Alternatively, they suggest using a grill basket. In terms of the size of the vegetable, they suggest you cut them into small pieces for quick cooking, and large for slow cooking. Finally, the last suggestion is to cook them in packets for things like potatoes and sweet potatoes. It’s also important to be careful of steam when checking to see if they’re ready.

And, let’s not forget this website here at Grilling with Rich. We’ve got a vast number of resources that you can call upon to find lots of hints and tips. So, before you start grilling this summer, re-educate yourself about how to do it properly. Hopefully, you’ll benefit with tastiness with any luck! 

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