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Competition Ribs

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 26, 2011

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For my last barbecue and grilling adventure for 2011 [wow! I can’t believe that I am saying that!] we are going to gear up and start practicing for competing in our very first KCBS four category competition: The BBQ Jamboree, in Fredricksberg VA in May. This is going to be a bit different the way that we post these articles. We are going to re-do and post a lot of articles on prepping for our first ever KCBS competition.

First off, I would like to thank our sponsor: Hacks Barbecue Sauce for sponsoring the Grilling with Rich BBQ Competition Team, I can’t wait to compete in May!

For our first meat that I am going to be writing about is Ribs. What I really like about making competition ribs is that I love the flavor profiles that come out in the final product and it is one of my favorite meats to eat and I think that I am not alone! I bet everyone love competition pork ribs right?

Grilling with Rich's BBQ Competition Ribs

Grilling with Rich's BBQ Competition Ribs

Now, this isn’t my first go around in smoking ribs! During the past year I have written about five articles about Ribs so I am not going to go into so many details about the process, but instead I am going to give you a little sneak peak into what I did differently this week.

The Flavor Profiles – When making ribs in the past, they have come out with some definite spice, and as I found out in August that necessarily isn’t what the judges are looking for even though I like my ribs with some additional heat. So the flavor profiles that I was really trying to hit was big bold sweet flavoring. I must say that I think that I missed the mark not by much, but I think that I have some more work to do on getting to a level of big and bold flavoring.  Achieving big and bold flavors will be something that I will be working on in the upcoming year.  Some of the ingredients that I did add: Honey, BBQ Sauce, Butter, Brown Sugar just to name a few. In addition to the previous mentioned ingredients I did add some barbecue rub to get the flavors going, but I think that for my next test run I am going to be adding a greater amount of barbecue rub to get the flavor profiles that I am trying to achieve in my competition ribs. 

Pure Smoke
In a lot of my previous attempts in making ribs, I really didn’t focus on creating a smoky finished product, but not this time. In the last couple of barbecue adventures I have been more successful in adding smokiness to the meat, so this adventure was no different. The ribs had a perfect smokiness and also some great smoke rings showed up in the ribs. With the addition of some wet wood chunks did in fact add a lot of smoke to the meat.  

Barbecue Competition Ribs

You can see the smokines in the meat

 One thing that I defiantly know in just doing my first test run in creating a great barbecue product and in getting ready to compete in my first ever KCBS competition is that I know that I am going to be trying many different ingredients and having many different trials to right about and for you to read about. So I hope that you keep up with them all in 2012 leading up to the event.

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