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The Cochon 555 Tour Hits Washington D.C.: The Ultimate Pork Event

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: April 18, 2016

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There are a lot of amazing pork focused events that occur around the country, but there is nothing like Cochon 555. For years I have been trying to attend one of these pork inspired events and I finally got a chance to do so. Before I get into talking about my experience I want to give you some background and share with you about Cochon 555.


The Cochon 555 MISSION

The 2016 tour continues to further the conversation of Heritage Pigs on dinner tables across America. The goal of Cochon 555 is to educate influcers and ultimately making them a better more knowledgeable teacher about Heritage Pigs.

The challenges that face family farmers are on our front burner. In September Cochon 55 launched “Piggy Bank”, a foundation to gift heritage breed pigs to family farmers in exchange for business plans. All business plans will be shared via online for the global community.

The “Piggy Bank” is a foundation that supports existing farmers requiring genetics to diversify bloodlines or rebuild herds as a result of disease or natural disaster. In just a few years, Cochon555 has created a massive conversation around heritage breed pigs and today they shift their mission to develop a vibrant farming community who can share and benefit from promoting the conversation of open source agriculture.

Last year, the tour reached 20 markets across the nation with over 45 events with the message of “heritage breed pigs”. The culinary competitions invite notable chefs all hoping to win top honors in each market.

The Cochon 555 events draw from the biggest names in the hospitality industry and we worked with 11,000 consumers, 2,200+ chefs, 150+ family farms, and 16 culinary schools to continue cultivating a long-term impact on the family farming of heritage breed pigs. In 2014, the tour donated over $100,000 to local charities and spent over $90,000 on heritage breed pigs.


How did Cochon 555 Get started?

Cochon 555 was created in 2008 in response to the lack of education around heritage breed pigs. The Cochon 555 series started from a thread of conversations where family farmers struggled to educate chefs, restaurants looked to source exceptional ingredients, and consumers sought out responsibly raised proteins. They all converged into one idea: the ultimate quest of flavor.

Cochon 555 Washington D.C.

This year’s competing chefs included Jonah Kim of Yona, Marjorie Meek-Bradley of Ripple, Jennifer Carroll of Requin, Anthony Lombardo of The Hamilton and Host Chef Louis Goral of Rural Society Argentine Steakhouse. The five chefs prepared a maximum of six dishes from one whole hog and their utilization will help them win votes from a crowd of hungry gourmands and celebrated judges. In addition to the 36 dishes prepared from locally-raised pigs, I feasted on educational experiences featuring boutique wines and culinary cocktails paired with delicious bites. The winner of the regional event will be announced as the “Prince or Princess of Porc” and go on to compete for the national title of “King or Queen of Porc” at Grand Cochon, the tour finale, held at the Viceroy in Snowmass / Aspen on June 18th.


My Experience at Cochon 555

To say that this event was amazing would not do justice at all, Cochon 555 is a must go for any serious pork lover and love of just plain old amazing foods.

All of the chefs did an amazing job in using parks of a pig to create some memorable dishes. Some of my favorite dishes that were created was by Marjorie Meek-Bradley of Ripple DC. I not only loved how she incorporated pork into a zeppole but also used pork belly fat to create it. In addition, her pork pastrami was out of this world and something for sure that I am going to have to do some serious research on how to make it at home because the pastrami was by far my favorite dish of the night.  Another favorite dish from chef Marjorie was the pork belly with lentil beans which was so hearty and tasty and something that I could have a whole portion all year long.

Some of my other favorite dishes of the night was the pork dumplings in pork broth from Jonah Kim of Yona, and also the “sausage” with Chili from the host chef Louis Goral of Rural Society Argentine Steakhouse.

In addition to the amazing food that was provided Cochon 555 had an amazing drink program to go along with the event that was really enjoyable which included wine tastings, the perfect margarita experience (which was totally amazing which also included a tasting of hand-crafted luxury tequilas from Don Julio), a punch bar and freshly made Manhattan cocktails.

Knowing that funds from Cochon 555 will go to a foundation that will further help farmers and the public understand better Heritage Pigs made the event even better and even more enjoyable. If you are able to go to a Cochon 555 event in your city grab the opportunity by the horns and go you will not miss out for sure!

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