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Burnt Finger BBQ Sauce and Rubs – A Grilling and Barbeuce Review

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 13, 2011

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For our second barbecue sauce review for today, we are going to review Burnt Finger BBQ Sauce and Rubs. They are the brain child of Jason Day from BBQ Addicts.com and the very popular BBQ is Everything recipe book and also the Bacon Explosion. I am going to post my interview with Jason tomorrow on our Meet the Pros Series so stay tuned for that great interview. Jason uses this sauce for this very own competition Team: Burnt Finger BBQ. It is also the official sauce of the The Original Bacon Explosion.


Burnt Finger BBQ Sauce and Rubs

Now it is time for the sauce review! For this review I tried:

The Private Stock BBQ Sauce – Not to over state but this barbecue sauce blew me away. I really really loved it. Seriously, there was very little that I didn’t like about it. Since I started doing barbecue sauce reviews I think that I have been searching for that ideal sauce, and I think that I might have found it. In my opinion the flavor profiles were totally spot on and you can really taste the amazing smokiness of the barbecue sauce. In addition the smell once you opened the bottle whisked me away to Kansas City where I was magically transported to a traditional barbecue restaurant where beef and pork were the featured items.

The Private Stock BBQ Rub – After my great experience having the barbecue sauce it was off to the rub. Now I obviously had some pretty high exceptions on  how this was going to taste. When I first opened the bottle I could really smell all the real ingredients that were packed into the bottle: Paprika, salt, pepper, just to name a few. As I tasted the rub I was greeted with some nice sweet flavors and then all of sudden wow! The spice hit me like a ton of bricks! I was blown away with the spice. (an important thing to note: I have a very low tolerance for spice so there might be the correct amount of spice but it was a bit to much for my taste, but it might be perfect for you.

The Bottle – The bottle was a pretty standard bottle nothing to fancy and nothing to plain. I liked the use of orange in the coloring on the label, I think that the sauce really did most of the talking.

Overall Impressions: I was really happy with the barbecue sauce, actually as I said BLOWN away. I think that for my next summertime grilling and barbecue adventure I am going to have to add some Private Stock BBQ Sauce to my chicken or meat! 

If you enjoyed this review and want to buy your own bottle and rub here is a link to purchase

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