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Becoming a Barbecue Master: Which Knife is Right?

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 23, 2016

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When playing host to a barbecue, the pressure is really on to deliver a selection of meats that are not only cooked correctly, but also presented well. And one of the best ways to ensure you deliver the goods and send your guests home happy, is to use the right tool for the right job. In this article, we’ll be focusing on which knives you can add to your collection to not only improve your skills as head barbecue chef, but also increase the enjoyment of your overall barbecue experience.

If you’re new to the world of professional knives, a good place to start your learning journey is with this Complete Guide to Kitchen Knives, which provides a comprehensive overview of the basics when it comes to purchasing and looking after your new knives. Already read it? Let’s continue.

When it comes to slicing meat, you certainly don’t want to mess around with the wrong knife, as this will only seek to undo all the hard work you put in standing over a hot grill. If you truly want to become the master of the barbecue, you need to know your stuff. So, what does the ultimate barbecue tool kit look like?

Must Have Knifes for your Tool Kit

A little something like this:

  • Chef’s Knife (20cm / 8”): A classic all-rounder for any home cook, perfect for prepping raw fillets and slicing cooked meats.
  • Cleaver (15cm / 6”): The classic barbecue companion, able to easily chop through meat and poultry bones.
  • Boning Knife (12-17cm / 5- 6½”): Used to easily remove bones from fish, meat and poultry with its sharp tip and long narrow blade.
  • Carving Knife & Fork (20-38cm / 8-15”): Carve delicate thin slices like a pro. Perfect for roasts, hams and poultry.

Steak Knives: A must-have for eating barbecue. Easily cuts through cooked meats without tearing or damaging.

When armed with the right knives for the job, you’re ready to take your barbecue skills from novice to master, so all that’s left to do is send out the invites and fire up the grill!



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