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Smoke House Podcast with Hog it Up BBQ team

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Published: February 12, 2013

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Thank you for joining Grilling with Rich and Smoke House Podcast for our first show.  Many skype calls guided the journey to this first show.  Richard and I are excited to bring more content for the BBQ and Grilling community.

The show will feature interviews with industry leaders and BBQ guru’s, tips and techniques for next level BBQ, the latest news, and an occasional attempt at humor.

In the first show, I cover a short bio of myself and share with you what BBQ and grilling have come to represent for me personally.  Some tips are shared for beginners and the seasoned pit masters out there.  I unveil what a Minnesota smoke box is.  Mike and Michelle Lackey from Hog it Up BBQ team join us for some good o’l Q talk.  We delve into the 2013 BBQ competition season, BBQ pitmasters, tips-time-and-temp, and they reveal their new secret weapon for dominance in 2013: a Stump’s Monster.

Thanks so much for being part of the first show.

Show Resources and links

Penzey’s Spices – a great store for your Vietnamese cinnamon or what spices you use in you rub.

Hog it Up BBQ team

Sam Trewick – logo work

Smoke House Podcast on facebook

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