BBQ Pitmasters Season 3: The Finale

BY: Richard Wachtel
Published: July 1, 2012

Stay with Grilling with Rich ALL season long, because right after each episode airs, we will have a full recap of the Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters.

Tomorrow we will be posting our final thoughts of the whole season right here on Grilling with Your #1 Source for all the latest Barbecue and Grilling News on the Internet.

Barbecue Pitmasters  Season Finale Episode Recap

WOW, the time is here for the last episode of this season’s Barbecue Pitmasters! What an incredible bunch of challenges we have had each weekend. Its been amazing,

Barbecue Competition Location: For this week’s episode, the show traveled to Lexington, North Carolina for the finale.

Competitors: The competitors for this week’s challenge are the past winners from the previous barbecue pitmasters episodes. For those who haven’t been keeping score each week they are:

1) Johnny Trigg, Smokin’ Triggers, Alvarado TX.
2) Danielle Dimovski, Diva Q BBQ, Barrie, Ontario.
3) Melissa Cookston of Memphis Barbecue Co. in Nesbit, MS.
4) Corey Brinson, Fatback’s BBQ & Rib Shack, Fayetteville, NC.
5) Solomon Williams, Carolina Rib Kings of Georgetown, SC.

The Meat/challenge:  

Pork Shoulder and Pork Ribs.

Pork Shoulder:  Pork shoulder, I have to say has become my favorite category and my strongest. It didn’t start that way. I really liked the traditionalist attitude when Johnny Triggers e said that he never injects his meats, but also was a bit taken back that he said that. I was also surprised to see that DIVA Q missed her temperature for the meat and had to use a bag of ice to cool it down.

Ribs: Last year when I started to compete I was pretty sure that my ribs was something that I struggled with. As time has gone on, I have become a bit more confident in my ribs, UNTIL my first KCBS competition back in May. Personally, I guess that Ribs have become my biggest FOIL (pun not intended!!) I was also surprised to see that DIVA Q injected their ribs. Has anyone ever done that??

Pork Cheeks: I was surprised to Pork cheeks as the twist for this third meat. I have never tried it. I also like Jonny’s simplicity for this meat. Diva Q seemed to know what to do, but I did see a over-confiance issue in

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Winner, Winner Barbecue Dinner:  While I am not going to tell you who I was rooting for, and who I wasn’t rooting for I was happy to see Johnny Triggers win tonight. He is purely an amazing barbecue pitmaster. Also he really earned it.

Bottom 2: Carolina Rib King & Melissa from Memphis BBQ Co.

Third Place: Danielle Dimovski, Diva Q BBQ, Barrie, Ontario.

2nd Place: Corey Brinson, Fatback’s BBQ & Rib Shack, Fayetteville, NC.

2012: Barbecue Pitmaster Grand Champion: Johnny Triggers

Overall thoughts: Overall I really enjoyed this episode. At first I was a bit surprised to see this meat in the finale. I thought that the judges would do something a bit more complicated like a whole hog or something a bit more. But after a bit of thinking, I actually came to the conclusion that I am glad at first they kept it simple. I also liked how the producers  then through in a bit of a challenge of adding a new meat of: Pork Checks.  With the addition of Pork Cheecks they were able to put a legitimate barbecue meat into the mix. Overall I really felt that the winner really earned the title of Kingsford Barbecue Pitmasters Grand Champion.

Since Johnny Triggers has won they have  gotten an automatic nomination for Grilling with Rich’s 2012 BBQ Person of the Year. You can find more information about Grilling with Rich’s BBQ Person of the Year’s details by clicking here

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