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Barbecue & Grilling Food Trends for 2013: What is Going to Happen this upcoming year in the Barbecue and Grilling Food World

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 10, 2013

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With 2012 now officially over I figured that it is time to start focusing on 2013 and what are some upcoming trends in the bbq and grilling food world. My friends at Kingsford Charcoal have put together a list of the top food trends in the barbecue world that are fanning the flames for 2013:

‘Cued Culinary Cocktails. Whether it’s bacon infused bourbon or farm fresh ingredients in a Bloody Mary, the trend of culinary cocktails continues to heat up the bar and restaurant scene. Not only do these cocktails pair well with barbecue, but take it to the next level with some great flame-licked libations that include ingredients like smoked lemons, peaches and sugarcane. [Related Recipe: Grilled Lemonade]

Barbecue and Grilling Trends for 2013

Unexpected Cuts of Meat. Newly fabricated cuts of meat such as hog jowl, venison ribs and lamb neck are popping up on menus across the nation as consumers crave more flavor from their dining experiences. Home cooks can also benefit from this trend as there are many cost effective, creative cuts of meat available with the increased popularity of local butchers and exciting recipes to try.

 Going Gluten-Free. Due to an increasing number of people with gluten sensitivity or intolerance, the demand for gluten-free foods is growing. There are now many sauces that are now available without gluten in it.  [Related: Grilling with Rich’s article on Why Grilling is Healthy]  KC Masterpiece® offers a variety of gluten-free products, including its entire line of barbecue sauces and marinades, except for the Spiced Caribbean Jerk and Honey Teriyaki with Sesame marinades.

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