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Barbecue Spaghetti – A Grilling with Rich Orginal Grilling Recipe

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: May 23, 2011

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I am back at behind the grill. Now that Memphis in May has been over and I have gotten a chance to catch up on all my zzz’s it is time to get back to grilling. For this summertime grilling adventure, I decided to try something really different and really see if barbecue sauce can be used for something totally different than just the usual chicken, steak etc. I decided to make Barbecue Spaghetti. I will explain a bit more about what the process is exactly and what makes it different from the normal spaghetti later on, but trust me YOU are going to want to try this recipe the next time you have people over.


The BBQ Sauce and Water being Boiled

So with that being said lets get started. For this recipe we are going to also add some smoked sausage but obviously you can add any type of protein you want but the reason why I felt to add this ingredient was because I have become addicted to smoking food since my trip to Memphis [stay tuned soon for my wrap up of Memphis in May 2011, sorry it is taking me a bit longer than I expected] so sausages were one of the things that I have been meaning to smoke so this become a perfect addition to my latest summertime grilling adventure so it fit in nicely with also the “Italian theme” of the recipe.

So with the task at hand it is time to start smoking those sausages. For this part of the recipe it is fairly simple, what you need to do is find your favorite sausages from your local supermarket and get that charcoal grill up and running. Now, since I don’t have a smoker, what I usually do for smoking my meats is that I use my charcoal grill as the smoker and cook the sausage with in-direct heat. Now for those newbies to the grilling world, in-direct heat means that you are placing what you are grilling not directly over the flame, while still being able to cook the food. I smoked the sausage until on the skin you see the juices bubbling. Now, one important grilling tip that I have found, is that you are going to want to poke the sausages before you start grilling them or even smoking them so that when the sausages are getting hot, they will not explode. This is a good tip for when you grill hot dogs also! The reason why I didn’t give you a specific time frame on how long you are going to need to smoke the sausages is because it really depends on how hot you get your grill or even your smoker. But it is safe to say that 30mins in the smoker is a good enough time. If you want to grill your sausages instead of smoking them I would also suggest about 30-40 mins, remember you don’t want burnt sausages, they should be nicely smoked or grilled on the outside.


The Mixture of BBQ Sauce and Water

Okay now that the sausages are done it is time for the making of the barbecue spaghetti sauce. Just remember one thing Grilling with Rich fans, these are just suggested amounts and you obviously can add some additional ingredients to your sauce! If you do please comment below and tell me what you added as I would love to see what other people come up with.

Okay, so for the barbecue spaghetti sauce I didn’t want to just over power the pasta by just dumping barbecue sauce over the spaghetti right before I plated, so instead I took a barbecue sauce that wasn’t honey mustard [I would suggest using more of a tomato base barbecue sauce, I think that it would work the best. click here for some great barbecue sauce suggestions ]

For this summertime grilling adventure and recipe I used Cookies award winning BBQ barbeque sauce, [which I am planning on doing a full review of soon!] this turned out to be a great sauce to use, it was nice and thick and also it had some great traditional barbecue flavors. I would suggest using your favorite barbecue sauce for this recipe.

Also another suggested ingredient that you could use is tomato sauce or even tomato paste instead of the traditional spaghetti sauce. [this is also optional and you don’t have to use, but a good suggestion] The reason why I used this is because I didn’t want to just taste a bite of barbecued pasta, so I added some additional flavoring. I think that I would be okay without it next time.


The Finished Product

Once you have picked your barbecue sauce and also you got either your tomato paste or plain tomato sauce, what you are going to do is combine both the water and also the barbecue sauce together. So when you are boiling the water for your pasta you are going to infuse the pasta with the barbecue sauce while it is being cooked. So for every cup of water you are going to double the amount of barbecue sauce.

Once you get that mixture together get both the water and the barbecue sauce to a roiling boil ad your favorite pasta and you will finish with Grilling with Rich’s Barbecue Spaghetti with Smoked Sausages! Sit back and enjoy!

Here are all the Ingredients used:

Your Favorite Barbecue Sauce

Tomato Paste or Plain Tomato Sauce


Your Favorite Pasta – I used traditional Spaghetti

Sausages or if you want to make it veggie you can take this away and add some mushrooms

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