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Barbecue Pitmaster Profile: Reggie Methvin

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Published: July 9, 2012

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Editors Note: Today marks the beginning of a brand new series: Barbecue Pitmasters and People Profiles. This is a series created exclusively for Grilling with Rich readers by the Barbecue Princess Leslie Scott Rork from Ubon’s Barbecue Sauce located in Yazoo MS. Unlike our very popular Meet the BBQ Pro series, this series will focus on the unique personalities of barbecue pitmasters from around the country. So we hope that you will join us for Barbecue Pitmaster Profiles. 

Barbecue Pitmaster Profile: Reggie Methvin

I first met Reggie Methvin at a contest in Pearl, MS in 2008.  Reggie was visiting his first BBQ contest.  He had been watching TV shows about BBQ contests on Food Network and his curiosity drove him straight to this MBN contest near his home.  At the time, Reggie didn’t think he knew anyone on a team but was hoping he would find some folks willing to discuss BBQ with a fan.

 As it turns out, Reggie did know a BBQ family.  My sister is his prosthetist.  She had been his therapist since his amputation in 2001, but they had never discussed BBQ.  Reggie was so excited to find out that his friend’s family was a BBQ family.

 Later that summer Reggie showed up at a KCBS contest in Madison, MS, to visit with our team.  In spite of the horrible heat, Reggie hung tight with us through both days of our competition.  Against all odds (this was only our 1st KCBS contest outside the KCBS styled Jack Daniels World Championship) we won our first KCBS Grand Championship.  Reggie was hooked.

 Those of us living the BBQ lifestyle sometimes take it for granted.  Reggie has always been the person who reminds me most of how lucky we are to have such a great community of people with similar interests and tastes.  Our lifestyle allows us to travel the country and always find friends where we end up.  We are able to spot “our people” from far away.  We sit in folding chairs and talk about BBQ.  We tell stories.  We drink beer or bourbon or Bloody Marys or apple pie shots.  (I’ve even tasted moonshine, although I shall keep my sources of said moonshine confidential!)  We always bring something to share with others who will be at a contest.  OH, and we spend hours and hours and hours attentively stoking fires, injecting meat, spraying apple juice, gently moping with sauce, and building blind boxes.

Barbecue Pitmaster Profile: Reggie Methvin

When we are home, we still talk about what we’re going to cook next or what we’ll throw on the grill for dinner.  We can always strike up a conversation about BBQ with anyone in the country.  Even if they don’t like BBQ… there’s something to talk about.

Our BBQ community embraces new faces, answers questions, and encourages beginners.  With TV shows like BBQ Pitmasters, we are finding a larger audience and more people who are becoming interested in what we do.  At this year’s Memphis in May we hosted several groups of curious contest goers on the Cooker Caravan.  These folks were so excited to be a part of a contest environment.

 As more and more people become interested, I hope everyone will think about Reggie.  Reggie is now a member of the Ubon’s Barbeque of Yazoo team, a certified KCBS judge, a certified MBN judge, and a veteran of Memphis in May, The Big Apple BBQ Block Party, The Jack, and more than 50 other contests. His dedication to BBQ has him wearing a prosthesis with a Ubon’s logo on it.  In fact, we have dubbed him the “Mayor of BBQ” because he has made friends with so many people on the barbeque circuit.  You never know…that guy asking you questions from your gate may be the person who buys a rig and joins our lifestyle.

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