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Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: February 12, 2013

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BBQ Pad Website Logo and Website Review

Have you ever had that perfect cook forgot to take notes and then days later tried to remember what you did to achieve that perfect cook? Well, there is a brand new website that can solve this problem: Not only is a great website, and FREE but there are upgrades are available for those who want additional features, it is fueled by an individual that is also passionate about barbecue and grilling, and while he might be the best pitmaster on the circuit he surely knows his stuff about barbecue and grilling.

Jono is from England who moved to California to pursue his passion for IT and web design. After moving to California, he started to become passionate about smoking foods and of course barbecue, but every time he would have a cook he would grab a piece of paper and a pen and scribble some notes down on the temperatures of his meats, the temperature inside the smoker. After a while, Jono would have tons of spreadsheets or just piles of paper but not one single place that had all his cooking data available if he was away from his own personal computer and also away from his house. Then BBQ idea was born. It started off as just a way for him to keep track of his cooks, and then he showed his friend, and as they say the rest is history.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why I am I telling you this? and more importantly why am I spending time writing this barbecue and grilling product review? Well the simple answer is this: as many of you know, Grilling with is your #1 source for the latest barbecue and grilling news, and I spend endless hours looking for and contacting companies that I think that you will benefit for so that you don’t have to do all the work. Also, after messing around on the site with and without Jono, I truly believe that this website is a must have for any serious pitmaster or just a barbecue or grilling enthusiast.

Let’s get down to the review. One of the most important question on whether or not the website is easy to navigate and also easy to understand and learn about the answers the question with a big: YES! The website is so easy to understand and it makes it easy to use and also most importantly there are a chuck full of great features such as: being able to pick the smoker that you are using, the meat(s) that you are using, the rubs and sauces that you are using, and also you can input the temperature of your meats at a specific time into your cook.  BBQ also comes with a cook log to see previous cooks, temperature and food temperature graphs, just to name some of the other features.

Another great aspect of is that you can easily share your own cook to your social networks and also have your friends and family comment and give suggestions on what to improve. BUT if you want to keep your cooks private there is an option to upgrade your membership to only $24/year for BBQpad Pro, and we will also be rolling additional upgrades into Pro as they come. This way as new features are added your $24 gets you more and more.

Sample Cook Image from the BBQ

Lastly, What I think is the coolest feature of this great website is the scoring! By simply judging yourself based on Taste, Tenderness and Appearance you automatically get an official KCSBS scoring. (don’t forget to be honest with yourself!!)

While there are a lot of great upgrades coming such as: integration with your cyberQ, BBQ Guru’s and other wireless temperature devices, and also an iPhone and iPad apps, I would make sure that you tune in to see what is going to be happening next on the website.

I am always searching for a pad and pen to write down and keep track of all my great barbecue and grilling cooks but I usually lose them before I put them in a database. I have been searching for a product like that keeps all of my important information about my cooks on-line with a single login. This is a MUST have for anyone from the serious pitmaster  to the amateur cook who wants to improve and keep track of all of their results. is filled with some amazing features and I can’t wait to see what new features will be released in the future, but in the meantime, I am hooked!!

So go and sign up today!! Oh and don’t forget to tell them on Twitter that Grilling with Rich sent you! Oh by the way you can check out my profile on by clicking here, is offering Grilling with Rich readers ONLY 15% off ALL UPGRADES for the next 30 days. Here is how you can redeem the discount: 

* Sign up on
* Click the Upgrades link at the top of the page.
* In the discount code box enter ‘GRILLINGWITHRICH’ (has to be uppercase letters) and press enter. You will then see the discount applied.

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