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Tangy Barbecue Competition Chicken

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: January 6, 2013

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Appearance is probably the most challenging aspect of a successful barbecue chicken, we all know that besides taste and tenderness that appearance is just important. After a lot of testing, I think that I stumbled upon the secret of how to improve the appearance of the chicken. While I am not going to giveaway ALL the secrets but I will say that the title of this post should be a great indicator of what is the perfect addition to make your chicken appear with that amazing mahogany coloring that we all look for.

Barbecue Chicken Appearance

In my previous barbecue chicken adventures and practices I realized that there are only a couple of items that I really wanted to improve and the appearance was high on my list.

But before we get into the appearance of the chicken lets also focus on some other aspects of chicken. First and for most I would say that taste is probably something that needs to be constantly worked on. For this adventure, I wanted to use the same ingredients that I would be using for a barbecue competition.

The taste flavor profiles that in the past I put together came out with a lot of spice in the chicken. So for this adventure I wanted to add a lot of sweetness to see if I can balance out the spiciness. Trying to find that perfect balance is something that needs a lot of work so that it neither the chicken is too spicy or too sweet.   This weekend I wanted to use my new sauce sponsor: Ubons BBQ sauce, but I ran out so instead I used Roof Top Barbecue competition sauce, and it was a great addition. I am looking forward to trying this new method of both preparing chicken. I was able to find that sweet spot of having an equal balance between sweet and spicy and I even got some of that amazing barbecue chicken stickiness that we all love, it was finger licking good!

In terms of tenderness I really haven’t had a lot of trouble with that. The one aspect that I have always wanted to achieve is the burt chicken skin so that when you bite into the chicken. For this adventure I was able to maintain the juices that were packed inside and still have that great smoky flavor.

Okay lastly in terms of the appearance I think that the finished product came out great. I really liked how the skin of the chicken really came through the sauce. The only aspect of the chicken skin that I want and I think that I need to improve is getting some more of that burnt skin on the top. I think that if I figure out that last aspect I think that I will have a lot of high marks for my chicken.

Overall, I think with this practice run was very successful in moving steps forward in perfecting my barbecue competition chicken. Since one of the main goals of this test practice was to try to improve the appearance of my chicken rather than the tenderness and also taste, but I think overall I really hit the nail on head.

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