Announcing the Launch of the Brand New Grilling with Rich Website: Social, Mobile, Visual | Grilling with Rich Announcing the Launch of the Brand New Grilling with Rich Website: Social, Mobile, Visual

Announcing the Launch of the Brand New Grilling with Rich Website: Social, Mobile, Visual

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 19, 2012

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Well after two plus years, and over 100,000 page loads and visitors we’re excited to be announcing the launch of an all-new Grilling with Rich[dot]com

Beginning today, you can sign up to be the first person to know when the site has been launched . Over the coming week, we’ll invite select readers to test the new site and provide feedback before rolling it out to everyone. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Grilling with Rich head over to this page and send us an email letting us know, the only thing that we ask you to do is not to send it to your friends!

Read on for more details about the new Grilling with Rich!

Social, Mobile, Visual

Since the launch of Grilling with Rich in July of 2010 there has been a great deal of improvements in the design of websites and the way that we connect with each other on social networks. In this short time we have become YOUR source for the latest barbecue and grilling news, recipes, interviews and more, so with that in mind we wanted to make sure that we provide you with a great experience not only in the recipes and adventures that we post, but also the web experience. We truly believe that this upgrade will be a big step forward, and that we hope that you will tell all your barbecue and grilling friends to check out the brand NEW Grilling with Rich [dot] com.

Brand New Grilling with Rich Website

The new Grilling with Rich can be described in three words: social, mobile and visual.


Over the past two years we have stride to make the Grilling with Rich community one of the most socially active and connected audiences online. We have nearly doubled our followers on Twitter and also our likes on facebook over the past year but our current website design, however, doesn’t let you find the stories that are bubbling up in the barbecue and grilling world. With the launch of our new site, you will be able to see the latest popular articles that are gaining traction in the  grilling and barbecue world with a column called “Editors Picks,” this column will be centrally placed on the homepage and updated on a daily basis of the most popular content on the site.   [Don’t forget that you can find Grilling with Rich on Twitter and Facbook]


The new Grilling with Rich is also focused on giving you the best possible experience on every screen from tablets and various mobile devices from iPhones to the Android platform. So in addition to our mobile apps, our new web design will look great on all of them!

Using responsive design techniques, the new Grilling with Rich melds to fit any device, all the way from mobile phones to giant desktop monitors.  With more than 30% of Grilling with Rich readers now consuming our content on mobile devices, we’re delighted to provide a great reading experience on the go.


We’re going more visual, too.  We love big images especially of that perfect smoked meat, and we are sure that you love them too!   So why not provide the biggest, highest resolution imagery possible on every device?  Not only does Grilling with Rich will have better imagery than ever before, but as you will learn one of our improvements will be the ability to upload your own finished barbecue foods!

Connecting Grilling with Rich with Your Social Networks 

Sharing an article with social media is an option you’ll see on most websites these days.  But what if you just want to share a specific image? In the new Grilling with Rich, each individual image becomes sharable to your social networks.  So if you find an image you like, you can post that image (and not the full article) to your Pinterest page, share it on Twitter and Facebook and more!

In addition to being able to share individual images to your social networks, on the new Grilling with Rich website we will also be giving you the ability to share quotes from various articles.  You will have the ability to post quotes to your Pinterest page, share it on Twitter and Facebook!New Grilling with Rich Website Pull Quotes

What’s more, the new Grilling with Rich has an all-new commenting system.  Comments update in real-time, with rich-text editing and the ability to change your comment after submitting it.  Oh, and you can share your comments to social networks, too!

Users of Grilling with Rich will have the option to sign in with multiple social networks to put a face to their name and comments. That your friends in the barbecue and grilling community can jump right in and join the conversation. Getting your friends in on the conversation is as simple as typing the “@” sign. With one click, users can easily share comments with their friends on other social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends to join the conversation right from the comment box.

Have a Picture or Video that you want to Share with the Grilling with Rich Community? 

By improving our comment system will be providing you access to your entire social network to bring specific friends that would be interested in the conversation. The comment system enhances our user’s ability to embedded different types of media.  You can share your food photos from Flickr and Instagram, play videos from YouTube and Vimeo, flip-through slide decks on SlideShare, listen to songs from SoundCloud and Spotify, geek-out on animated gifs from Myspace, and even feature Wikipedia articles directly in the conversation stream.

As you can see we have made some major improvements to put our content directly at your finger tips and make it extremely easy to share all of our great content with your social network.

We are very excited to be launching the new Grilling with Rich website, we want to make sure that you are visiting Grilling with Rich on a daily basis, and therefore we become YOUR #1 Source for the latest barbecue and grilling news from around the country and even the world, if we aren’t already! Is there something that we are missing that YOU would like to see? Well make sure to leave a comment at the bottom we can see if we can add it!! 

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