Barbecue Trends for 2016 & 2015 Study from HPBA  | Grilling with Rich Barbecue Trends for 2016 & 2015 Study from HPBA 

2015 Study of the Barbecue Industry Reports High Consumer Interest in Purchasing New Grills and Exploring New BBQ Techniques in 2016

Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: December 4, 2015

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 Nearly half of all owners own the most basic grilling accessories (cleaning brush, tongs, glove/mitts), and many plan to purchase more specialized accessories in the year ahead, such as:


  • Pizza stone (14%)
  • Fish or broiling basket (14%)
  • Cedar or other cooking planks (14%)
  • Motorized rotisserie (12%)
  • Grill woks (11%)
  • Bucking the e-commerce trend, 83% of recent grill or smoker purchases were made in-store, while 11% were made online.


Why Cook Out? For Most, It’s About the Flavor

While we always enjoy grilling and barbecuing but rarely need a reason but some of the main reasons why people cook with their grills and smokers include:


  • 71% like the improved flavors
  • 54% grill and barbecue for personal enjoyment
  • 42% grill and barbecue for entertaining family and friends
  • 32% grill and barbecue because of convenience and;
  • 23% grill and barbecue because of hobby/experimentation.
  • Beyond holidays, 55% barbecued for birthday parties, 24% on a camping trip and 14% during tailgating activities for sporting events.

Outdoor Kitchens: The New Home Addition?

  • 10% of grill owners have an outdoor kitchen, featuring primarily premium grills, furniture and lighting. Of these outdoor kitchen owners,
  • 35% are likely to upgrade in the next three years. Of these individuals who plan to upgrade:
  • 67% plan to purchase new outdoor furniture
  • 46% plan to improve their deck/patio (and/or build a new one)
  • 43% plan to improve their garden/landscaping
  • 38% plan to purchase a new premium grill or smoker

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